NuAire NuWind NU-C300R

NuWind Centrifuges offer larger capacity in a smaller footprint. The ability to change rotors within seconds allows for multi-application use in cell

NuAire NuWind Multi-Application Centrifuge

The NuWind centrifuge offers the largest capacity available relative to its footprint.

Series Models: NU-C200V, NU-C200R

NuAire NuWind General Purpose Centrifuge

The General Purpose Centrifuge is available in two models    Ventilated  (NU-C200V)  Refrigerated (NU-C200R)

NuAire NU-MLX-104

NuAire model NU-MLX-104 Mini-Microcentrifuge offers speeds up to 4,000 rpm (900 xg) for fast spin downs of liquids for an affordable price.

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I downloaded the service manual for the 5804/5810 centrifuge from this site. Unfortuantely the quality is not so good so I cannot read most of the...

Software Upgrage for new Rotor in old 5804r

I put a s-4-72 rotor in an old 5804r v5.4 and now I need a software upgrade.  Where do I get that?  Do I have to replace a board?  I...

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