Superior Imbalance Protection      Flex-Spin Drive      Easy-Mount Rotors      Higher Speeds for


Equipped with a newly developed W-Memory Program, the KITMAN is a highly reliable workhorse in biological research.

TOMY micro ONE

Spins 8xMicrotubes 1.5-2ml and 2x8-well Tube-strips.


Refrigerated Benchtop Centrifuge

TOMY Suprema25/23/21

1.Quick acceleration and deceleration. Suprema series realize to shorten spinning time and to speed up laborratory work. 2. User friendly front

Series Models: Suprema25, Suprema23, Suprema21

TOMY LC-200/220/230

Easy-Mount Rotors Tomy offers a wide selection of Easy-Mount Rotors for the Flexpin Bench-top centrifuges. These rotors install and remove with the

Series Models: LC-200, LC-220, LC-230

TOMY AX Series

The AX-310 & 320 series High Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuges incorporate functions of high performance microcentrifuge and versatile low speed

Series Models: AX-310, AX-320


The CAX-370, a high-performance refrigerated centrifuge that combines functions of high speed micro centrifuge and versatile low speed

TOMY Kintaro KT-24/KT-18

Compact yet powerful centrifuge has a maximum speed of 15,000rpm and provides quick acceleration.

Series Models: KINTARO-24, KINTARO-18

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Diffusion pump heater band

..doesn't turn on. I was able to trace back from the heater band to the power relay to the transistor array to the CMOS chip to the D6 pin...

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