MSE Cellsep 6/720R

The Cellsep 6/720R is a large capacity, refrigerated blood bank centrifuge

MSE Harrier Plus

The Harrier Plus centrifuge represents excellent value for money in terms of performance, ease of use, safety and reliability.

MSE Harrier 15/80

MSE have always had an enviable reputation for their benchtop centrifuges and the Harrier range continues this tradition. The Harrier 15/80 is

MSE Centaur 2

The Centaur 2 is a rugged, simple yet versatile non-refrigerated benchtop centrifuge. It can take a wide range of accessories and is ideally suited

MSE Kestrel

The Kestrel is a small benchtop centrifuge capable of spinning 6 blood tubes at over 3000g. Reliable, compact and easy to use, the Kestrel centrifuge

MSE Hawk 15/05

The Hawk 15/05 is a refrigerated microcentrifuge designed to be used in a wide variety of life science applications, especially biochemical and

MSE Falcon 6/300 and 6/300R

The MSE Falcon 6/300 and 6/300R centrifuges are the successors to the hugely popular Mistral 3000e and 3000i.

Series Models: 6/300, 6/300R

MSE Mistral 2000

This MSE Mistral 2000 centrifuge has last run memory and a maximum capacity of 2000mL (4 x 200mL). Microprocessor control makes this centrifuge

MSE Microcentaur

The Micro Centaur Plus is an improved version of the original Micro Centaur, adding new features and accessories. Its space-saving design and

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I am trying to replace bearings in 5415R but the motor housing is hold together by several atypical bolts (protruding flat cap).Does anyone know how...

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We have an '03 5810 centrifuge that needs a new PC board. Looking for a last shred of hope before biting the bullet and purchasing new centrifuge...


Need support to solve the LID ERROR 4.7 problem. Manual says carry out MAINS RESET and can not find the procedure to do that

eppendorf 5810R board diagnostics

Error 6 has numerous causes, this unit was working until moved, now it's all error 6. Temp control works fine. Does anybody know if the service...

Eppendorf 5415D Error 3

Eppendorf 5415D Error 3.   Does anybody know of a vendor for Eppendorf parts other than the OEM?

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