Hettich Rotanta 460RC / 460RF

High-throughput floor-standing centrifuge with a 3L maximum capacity and blood bag capability. Supports a high-speed plate rotor and the

Hettich Rotixa 50S

The ROTIXA 50 S is a high-throughput floor-standing centrifuge specializing in blood bags. Spins up to 4 500 mL blood bags at a maximum RCF of 5,003.

Series Models: Rotixa 50S, Rotixa 50RS

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-E

Compact High Performance Centrifuge that fits directly in your lab      Whether your application is related to Cellomics, Genomics, or

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-HC

Avanti® J-HC High-Capacity Centrifuge - A New Dimension in Bioprocessing

Beckman Coulter Optima™ L-XP Series

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: Optima L-80 XP, Optima L-100 XP

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eppendorf 5810R board diagnostics

Error 6 has numerous causes, this unit was working until moved, now it's all error 6. Temp control works fine. Does anybody know if the service...

Eppendorf 5415D Error 3

Eppendorf 5415D Error 3.   Does anybody know of a vendor for Eppendorf parts other than the OEM?

Error 8880 Allegra 6r

Im getting a persistant 8880 Error message on one of my Allegra 6 r units.  Before the message displays the RPM LCD reads 000 dispite there...

Diffusion pump heater band

..doesn't turn on. I was able to trace back from the heater band to the power relay to the transistor array to the CMOS chip to the D6 pin...

Error 42 - Any information?

I saw this same issue was posted two years ago with no response. I'm hoping someone has the service manual or at least the list of error codes...

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