Thermo Scientific Sorvall RC-6 Plus

The Sorvall® RC-6 Plus superspeed centrifuge combines superior functionality, unparalleled safety and traditional Sorvall reliability in a compact,

Thermo Scientific Sorvall Evolution RC Series

Employing leading-edge technology, the Evolution® RC offers unmatched productivity with a six liter capacity, speeds to 26,000 rpm, and simplified

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-E

Compact High Performance Centrifuge that fits directly in your lab      Whether your application is related to Cellomics, Genomics, or

Beckman Coulter Airfuge Air-Driven Ultracentrifuge

With the ability to provide a simple, rapid method of removing chylomicrons (fat particles in lipemic samples), the Airfuge CLS delivers accurate

Beckman Coulter Allegra 64R

High-Speed Centrifuge: Optimal for Subcellular Fractionation, Proteins and Viruses

Hettich Universal 16

High-capacity, high-speed benchtop centrifuge, accommodates various tube systems from 0.4mL to 100mL, hematocrit capillaries, as well as microtiter

Sorvall RC-6

Fast Separations. Enhanced Functionality. Maximized Versatility.

Beckman Coulter Avanti J Series

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: Avanti J-30I, Avanti J-26 XP, J-26 XPI

Sorvall RC-5B

Sorvall RC 5B Superspeed Centrifuge

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-26S

The Avanti J-26S series is the only high performance centrifuge system you’ll ever need. Built upon benchmark performance, including high speed, low

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error code

will not start

Err "Sys" and "Drive" flashing

Hello  I have two Avanti J25 centrifuges,the old style with the rotary knobs and the led displays, one works fine but the other displays "...

21 R error 24

Thermo Scientific Sorvall™ Legend™ Micro  21R Microcentrifuge error 24 at power up. Are there any fixes besides replacing the...


my centrifuge keeps rebooting after i turn it on. it shows initial screen with JOUAN logo then keeps rebooting and so on. has any one came...


My centrifuge keeps rebooting after I turning it on. It shows initial screen with logo and keeps restating.

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