Taylor Wharton LD Series

Cryo-Science Technologies

Series Models: LD4

Thermo Scientific Cryogenic Storage Chest Freezers

The Thermo Scientific cryogenic freezers maintain uniform temperatures of -140° and -150°C.

Series Models: UTL10140-9-D, ULT10140-9-V, ULT10140-9-M, ULT7150-9-D, ULT7150-9-M

So-Low LN2 Cryogenic Storage Systems

These Dewars are designed for the storing of cryovials in racks containing 25-cell or 100-cell boxes in liquid nitrogen. Easy to operate, the snap on

Series Models: H47-750-C, H47-750-P, H61-2000-C, H61-2000-P, H121-4000-C, H121-4000-P, H176-6000-C, H176-6000-P

Thermo Scientific CryoPlus Storage System

Increase valuable laboratory storage space with Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ Storage Systems, which store up to 38,500 vials (2.0mL)

Thermo Scientific CryoExtra™

LN2 Storage

Series Models: CE8020, CE8040, CE8080, CE8094

Thermo Scientific Arctic Express Cryogenic Shippers with Datalogger

Thermo Scientific™ Arctic Express™ cryogenic shippers are designed to ensure the maintenance of sample integrity.

Series Models: Arctic Express 5, Arctic Express 10, Arctic Express 10 IATA, Arctic Express 20

Arctiko CRYO 230®

The CRYO 230 freezer -150°C is perfect for long term preservation of for example cells and tissues. The CRYO 230 freezer features a dual cooling

Arctiko CRYO 170®

The CRYO 170 freezer -150°C is perfect for long term preservation of for example cells and tissues. The CRYO 170 freezer features a dual cooling

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Ive got a Cryo plus 7404 i need to calibrate the lid temperature its reading 138 and my probe is reading 150.1 how do i cal the lid temp sensor??

Bad Seal?

I was offered one of these from storage that has a "bad seal." I was wondering if someone has a clue where this part would be located (I am...


what type of gas this freezer used , i know its CFC free can it be more detail

inner door handler

Inner doors handlers are made from plastic. One of the four handlers in inner doors of our freezer was broken. Do you have this item as a replacement...

replacement cap

We have a MVE Cryogenics, Orion ET-17 Liquid nitrogen dewar and require a replacement cap for the tank.

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