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Cincinnati Sub-Zero StableClimate® II Stability Chambers
Cincinnati Sub-Zero StableClimate® II Stability Chambersl

Whether your testing is for R&D, clinical trials or ongoing stability, our stability chambers provide a stable, temperature/humidity conditioned environment for worry-free operation with a control system that is easy to use and saves you time.

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Source BioScience Polar 50

With temperatures regularly reaching -70°C, the coldest place on earth is unsurprisingly the Antarctic.

Cincinnati Sub-Zero StableClimate® II Stability Chambers

Stability Testing for shelf life, accelerated aging, ICH Q1A

Series Models: 680 L, 1473 L, 2322 L

Hamilton Storage Technologies BiOS

Our New Ultra-Low Temperature Automated Biological Storage System

Brooks BioStore II

BioStore™ II Automated Sample Storage at -80°C

Brooks SampleStore

SampleStore™ II Automated Sample Storage at -20°C and Above

Hotpack Environmental Chamber

Quality Engineered to Ensure Reliable Performance for Long-Term Studies

Thermal Product Solutions (TPS) Tenney Benchmaster Test Chamber

The Tenney Benchmaster Test Chamber simulates a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions to meet a variety of testing needs

Terra Universal Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

These economical vacuum chambers provide a safe, reliable means for transporting contamination- and moisture-sensitive parts.

Panasonic MIR-554

MIR-554: 14.3 cu. ft. Refrigerated Incubator / Environmental Testing Chamber


Environmental simulation chamber for low temperature alternating climate profiles

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570i controller

Hi, I have two chambers a Z-8 PLUS and a Z-64. I also have the CSZ EZ-View on my computer. When I create a profile and download it to the Z-64, it...

Anaerobic Glove Box Using Too Much Gas

If you have found that your Bactron Anaerobic Glove Box is going through your expensive AMG too quickly, it may very likely be leaking out of the arm...

Alarm code 11

Giving me dry ttouble alarm wont let me resrt

Operational Manual

Dear Sir/Madam I am addressing you from Qualipharm a cosmetic-pharmaceutical company based in Ecuador , We are using a Hotpack Enviromental...

Performance data information

How can I find the performance data for the SubZero 32; model # ZPS-32-6sct/ac?

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