Source BioScience Polar 50

With temperatures regularly reaching -70°C, the coldest place on earth is unsurprisingly the Antarctic.


Constant climate chambers

Series Models: KBF 115, KBF 240, KBF 720, KBF 1020

Caron Products and Services Freeze/Thaw Chambers

6220 & 6240 Series Freeze/Thaw Chambers

Series Models: 6220, 6221, 6240, 6241

ESPEC SH Series Benchtop Chambers

Premium features for the ultimate in testing flexibility.

Series Models: SH-222, SH-242, SH-262, SH-642, SH-662

Lunaire Test Chamber

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: CEO 910, CEO 917

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Anaerobic Glove Box Using Too Much Gas

If you have found that your Bactron Anaerobic Glove Box is going through your expensive AMG too quickly, it may very likely be leaking out of the arm...


Advise for the availsbility, exact model #, location, condition oc chamber, make year, price

Interior Corner Radius

What is the internal corner radius on Model BTL-433?

Is it able to display in Fahrenheite ?

If there a feature where it will display the temp in Fahrenheite? 


instruction manual?

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