GeneVac miVac SpeedTrap

miVac SpeedTrap™ is a unique frost free cold trap.

VirTis AdVantage 2.0

BenchTop Freeze Dryer

Series Models: ES, XL, EL

VirTis AdVantage Plus

BenchTop Freeze Dryer

Series Models: ES, XL, EL

VirTis Freezemobile

Freeze Dryers

Series Models: ES - 25L, ES - 35L, XL -25L, XL -35L, EL - 25L, EL - 35L

VirTis Genesis

The Genesis Pilot Lyophilizer is constructed with versatility in mind so that this freeze dryer can meet any lyophilization requirement.

FTS Systems LyoStar

LyoStar II are designed to meet the needs of R&D professionals.

VirTis General Purpose & Floral Freeze Dryer

The GPFD- General Purpose Freeze Dryer is available in 25 and 35 Liter configurations.

Eyela FDU-1200

        Desk top type -45°C freeze dryer.        Various manifolds and dry chambers are selectable.        Auto-mode starts

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Questions for Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers

Ask for a quote

Hi Could you please provide a quote for me at my email address at

25EL manual?

trouble shooting

Our freezdryer suddenly stopped working and the displays showed  "power failure!"  Dose anybody can help me with this...

Question about freeze drying bottle for Eyela_ FDU-1200 drying freezer

Can I use 600 mL freeze drying bottle for FDU-1200 drying freezer? I have only 600 mL freeze drying bottle. And I want to know avilable...

Virtis Advantage 2.0 and Advantage Pro

Can you provide quote for the virtis units XL, and EL thanks Bruce Werber hilltop biosciences 602-405-3247

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