Z-SC1 Corp. Pilot Scale Freeze Dryers

Series Models: Tabletop TFD 8501, Tabletop TFD 8503, Freeze Dryer FD 8508, Freeze Dryer FD 8512, Freeze Dryer FD 8518, Freeze Dryer FD 12008, W/Concentrator MCFD 8508, W/Concentrator MCFD 8512, W/Concentrator MCFD 8518, Shell FDS 8508, Shell FDS 8512, Shell FDS 8518, LP 10, LP 20, LP 30

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Questions for Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers

Virtis Benchtop K series freeze dryer

Hello, I am encounter with condenser error in virties benchtop freeze dryer please help me out of this issue  its reach 60c temparature...

Sample is melted even in less quantity and external cooling

Hi, It is Freeze dryer VirTis 25 The Sample is melted even in less quantity and external cooling. Pump and condensar are working good. 


Good morning, we have 3 Virtis freeze dryers. two of them new, however we have a third, which is a VIRTIS GENESIS ES 25 L. Now we operate manually...


Anybody or authorized service center around Petaluma California?

Freeze Dryer for Flowers

Dear Madam / Sir, My name is Luis Rosete (Commercial Director of Grupo Sinotek Mexico),  I am looking for a VirTis Freeze Dryer for...

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