Thermo Scientific TSX Series -80°C Freezer

Featuring V-drive technology, Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series -80°C Freezer provides temperature uniformity that adapts to your environment

Bel-Art Products Ultra Low 5 Box Freezer Rack

Also found In: , Refrigerators , Cryoware

Easily configured to customize freezer space, these modular ultra low freezer racks link together side-by-side or can be securely stacked.

PHCBi Pro Series -86C Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer

Reliable Technology  The PRO Series is a time-tested technology that has provided safe long-term storage of high-valued samples. Scientists

Thermo Scientific Revco Ultima/Elite/Value PLUS

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: ULT2586-10HD, ULT3280-10HD, ULT1786-10, ULT2186-10, ULT2586-10, ULT1786-6, ULT2186-6, ULT2586-6, ULT1786-4, ULT2186-4, ULT2586-4

Thermo Scientific Harris ELT Series

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: ELT-17V-85, ELT-21V-85, ELT-25V-85, ELT-13V-40, ELT-17V-40, ELT-21V-40, ELT-25V-40

Baker Ultra Low Temperature Freezer

Ultra-low freezers provide storage temperatures down to -86ºC.

Series Models: UF 455G, UF 755G

Thermo Scientific Forma General-Purpose Freezers

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: FREF417A, FREF065A14, FREF1617A

Thermo Scientific Revco UxF Series

Thermo Scientific* Revco UxF freezers deliver ultimate protection and optimum capacity for your most critical samples.        Built

Series Models: UxF30086A, UxF40086A, UxF50086A, UxF60086A, UxF70086D

Freezer Concepts Low Temperature Upright Freezers

Storage of your epoxy adhesive in a freezer at minus 40 degrees Celsius can considerably extend the shelf life of the epoxy adhesive.

Series Models: U40-13, U40-18, U40-22, U40-25

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Questions and Answers

Questions for Freezers

Where is this unit located

Alarm reset

The unit shows low battery alarm but they are brand new. The alarm will not reset. How do you reset the alarm ?

Replacement Shelves for Model # FREF065A14

We have a Freezer Model # FREF065A14 and it has glass shelves, but we need wire shelves that allow for better air circulation. can you help?


Please quote: 1 Pc. so-low CH40 – 5 Lab freezer I need to know your best price, delivery time and freight to Miami. Best...

Service Manual if Available?

Hey guys, wondering if any one has a service manual of the model, just curious to study the broken unit we have and maybe learn something on how to...

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