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TwinCore© ultra-low freezers are designed for -86°C storage of high-value samples. Revolutionary Double Independent refrigeration systems offering unbeatable security and outstanding Integrity for your samples.

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EPPENDORF HEF Upright Freezers
EPPENDORF HEF Upright Freezers

HEF Freezers minimize operating costs while providing superior protection for your critical samples. They reduce energy consumption by up to 59% when compared to other models.

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NuAire Glacier 9483
NuAire Glacier 9483

The Glacier 9483 is an Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer designed to reach and maintain temperatures as low as -86° C. Protect your vital samples with the best Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezers in the industry, available only from NuAire!

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Panasonic MDF-U53VC
Panasonic MDF-U53VC

Ideally suited for ultra low storage solutions for biosafety, security, accessibility and performance. Long-term preservation of biologics, reagents, specimens, components, and in testing of various types.

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Z-SC1 Corp. ULT Tabletop/Undercounter


Series Models: 54Litre, 94Litre

Nor-Lake -86°C Select Ultra-low Freezers

The Select Ultra-low freezers are designed to meet the demanding requirements for scientific and laboratory research. Advanced engineered design

Series Models: NSSUF191WWW/, NSSUF241WWW/, NSSUF281WWW/

Micronic Modular Vertical Freezer Rack

The Modular Freezer Rack provides a flexible and low cost solution for organising sample storage in a chest freezer. The lightweight modular storage

Thermo Scientific Dual-Safe -80C Chest Freezers

The Dual-Safe -80°C Chest freezers feature redundant cascade refrigeration systems that provide rapid freezing and extra security.

Series Models: MBF700LSAO-E, MBF700LSAW-E

Thermo Scientific Forma™ 8600 Series -40C Chest

Thermo Scientific™ Forma 8600 Series -40°C chest freezers provide versatile and reliable sample storage.

Series Models: 703CA, 713CA, 717CA, 720CA

Thermo Scientific HERAfreeze™ HFU B Series -40C Upright

Thermo Scientific™ HERAfreeze HFU B Series freezers provides uncompromised sample protection for -10° to -40°C applications.

Series Models: HFU40240BA, HFU40320BA

EPPENDORF HEF C660 Chest Freezer

The large-capacity HEF C660 is one of the most energy efficient, eco-friendly chest freezers available on the market today.

EPPENDORF HEF Upright Freezers

Eppendorf HEF freezers are among the most environmentally friendly, energy efficient ULT freezers on the market.

Series Models: HEF U410, HEF U570

EPPENDORF Premium Chest Freezers

Premium freezers are conventionally-insulated providing a cost effective alternative, with many of the same features and quality as the Innova models.

Series Models: C340, C660

EPPENDORF Premium Upright Freezers

Premium freezers are conventionally-insulated providing a cost effective alternative, with many of the same features and quality as the Innova models.

Series Models: U410, U570, U700

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u53VC eRROR E09


innova U725, U57085, U570

I would like to know does one uses the -75 freezers from New Brunswick and having any issues with them? We are having irregular temperature...

Voltage Requirements

Hello, Could you tell me what sort of voltage variation a 86L628H 120v freezer will handle ?


We are in USA and have a SLT-13V-40A35. What are the voltage/Amps?Hz phase requirements? Does this need to be hard wired.  ...

Lid Hinges

The spring-loaded lid hinges on older NBS Innova shaker-incubators wear out and cost small fortune to replace. Does anyone know where to get...

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