Erlab Captair Smart

Erlab’s 45 years of expertise in research, design and manufacturing of ductless fume hoods guarantee superior filtration that will keep you protected.

Mystaire® Isola™ VUE

Isola™ Vue filtered chemical workstation offers a 360° clear viewing area which makes it ideal for demonstration experiments.

Mystaire® Isola™ PRO

Isola™ PRO polypropylene filtered chemical workstation removes toxic particulate, chemical fumes and vapors.

Mystaire® Isola™ EDGE

Isola™ EDGE Filtered Chemical Workstation was designed and engineered to provide the end user with superior filtration

Labconco Protector ClassMate

Protector ClassMate Laboratory Hoods

Series Models: 4ft Protector ClassMate, 5ft Protector ClassMate, 6ft Protector ClassMate

Labconco Paramount

Paramount Ductless Enclosures

Series Models: 2' Paramount, 3' Paramount, 4' Paramount, 5' Paramount, 6' Paramount

AirClean® Systems Polypropylene Ductless Fume Hoods

AirClean® Systems polypropylene ductless fume hoods remove toxic particulate, chemical fumes or vapors protecting both the operator and environment.

Series Models: AC3000, AC3036, AC4000, AC4036, AC5000, AC5036, AC6000, AC6036, AC3000S, AC4000S, AC6000S, AC8000S

Streamline Lab Products Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet

Streamline horizontal laminar flow cabinets feature many key innovations that ensure optimum cabinet performance and product protection every time.

Series Models: SHC-4AX, SHC-6AX

Streamline Lab Products Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

Streamline Laboratory Products' vertical laminar flow cabinets are the ideal choice for those seeking laminar flow cabinets that offer consistent and

Series Models: SCV-4AX, SCV-6AX

AirClean® Systems AC600 Series Ductless Chemical

Designed to provide a low cost chemical hood solution for protection of the operator and environment from toxic vapors, gases, fumes, and particulate

Series Models: AC632A, AC632TA, AC632TAS, AC648A, AC648TA, AC648TAS

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UV lamp and Filter

Where can we buy the UV lamp and filter for the laminar flow model SCH-4A2. I appreciate your attention. Sincerely, CARLOS A. MANCO SANCHEZ Director...

Question about item

Hello, I am looking to acquire a ductless fume hood for chemical purposes only in a Geology research laboratory. The chemicals that will be used are...

Budget Number

Can you please send me a Budget number for this to be included in my estimate for owners review?


What are the speed of the different dials in g?

mod SHC-4A2, Filter quote

Hello, We are a certfication company that has a client who needs to get a replacement filter quote for the follownig unit: mod Streamline SHC-4A2...

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