Carbolite Gero High Temperature Horizontal Tube Furnace - HTRH

The Carbolite Gero high temperature tube furnaces HTRH can be used horizontally up to 1800 °C.

Carbolite Gero High Temperature Vertical Tube Furnace - HTRV

The HTRV high temperature tube furnaces are designed for vertical orientation and operation up to 1800 °C.

Carbolite Gero High Temperature Laboratory Furnace - RHF

The RHF range of silicon carbide heated high temperature chamber furnaces comprises four chamber sizes.

Carbolite Gero High temperature chamber furnace up to 1800°C - HTF

The HTF industrial furnace range has maximum operating temperatures of 1600 °C, 1700 °C, or 1800 °C.

Carbolite Gero General Purpose Industrial Chamber Furnace - GPC

The GPC general purpose chamber furnaces are large floor-standing models. Available at 1200 °C and 1300 °C with capacities ranging from 131 to 350L.

Carbolite Gero Horizontal Split Tube Furnace - HST / HZS

The split tube furnace range HST (single zone) and HZS (three zone) uses free radiating wire elements embedded within the insulation of the furnace.

Carbolite Gero Wire Wound Tube Furnace - CTF 12 / TZF 12

The CTF single zone and TZF 3-zone wire wound tube furnaces use a wire element that is wound directly onto a fixed diameter integral ceramic work tube

Carbolite Gero Wire Wound Single Zone Tube Furnace - MTF

The MTF wire wound tube furnaces, like the larger diameter CTF range use a wire element that is wound directly onto a fixed integral ceramic work tube

Carbolite Gero Tube Furnace up to 1600°C - STF / TZF

The Carbolite Gero STF single zone and TZF 3-zone high temperature tube furnace range is available at 1500 °C and 1600 °C.

Carbolite Gero Rotating Horizontal Split Tube Furnace - RHST / RHZS

The range of Carbolite Gero horizontal rotating tube furnaces offers the benefits of simultaneous heating and mixing of the sample.

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