Bel-Art Products Micro-Tube Homogenizer System

Hand-held, cordless homogenizer features a simple push in/pull out pestle exchange and is ideal for thorough and faster processing of one to many

SPEX SamplePrep 1600 MiniG

Also found In: Sample Preparation ,

Automated Tissue Homogenizer and Cell Lyser

Omni International Bead Ruptor 96

The Bead Ruptor 96 is our most versatile homogenizer. The Bead Ruptor 96 is designed to support traditional milling, cryomilling, well plate and tube

Bertin Instruments Cryolys Evolution

Cryolys Evolution prevents thermo-sensitive samples from heat degradation during homogenization process.

Kinematica POLYTRON® PT 6100D

The PT 6100 D Homogenizer is the most versatile unit of its type on the market today. This unit was specifically designed along with the 3100D due to

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Rate error

Hello Team, please help with this Rate error solution for SPEX SamplePrep 2010 Geno/Grinder® and now only runs 110 RMS. Help with...

Sartorius Labsonic M 1 mm probe

Looking for a Sartoriius Labsonic M 1 mm probe (length 80mm).

Pressure setting problen

How to set pressure


Hey guys,Did anyone experienced this error? Kindly help me if you had work on this error before or even just a little bit info would be nice.Thanks,

replacement cost

what is a used hielscher uip 2000 unit worth, what does a new unit cost?

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