SciGene Corporation CytoBrite Slide Oven

Found In: Hybridization Ovens

High capacity convection oven with superior temperature regulation and accuracy for overnight incubation of up to 60 FISH slides.

SciGene Corporation CytoBrite Slide Incubation System

Found In: Hybridization Ovens

Programmable slide incubation system for performing FISH/ISH hybridization protocols on 1 to 12 slides.

Fluidigm Corporation Callisto System

Found In: General Purpose Incubator

Introducing Callisto™, the industry-first platform that lets you design, optimize and execute multistage, long-term protocols with a few taps.

Baker Cultivo™

Found In: CO2 Incubator

Cultivo™ is a CO2 incubator designed to prevent contamination and condensation while giving you full control over variables critical to cell

Panasonic Cell IQ

Found In: CO2 Incubator

The New Generation of Smart Incubators - A precision environment, optimized for your research needs.

Techne Hybrigene HB-3D Hybridisation Incubator

Found In: Hybridization Ovens

The flexibility you need with the quality you expect from an established world leader in temperature control instrumentation.

Techne Hybridiser HB-1D Hybridisation Incubator

Found In: Hybridization Ovens

The famous Hybridiser HB-1D is compact, easy to use and provides complete protection from hybridisation hazards.

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NAPCO6301-fco COR sensor

just got a dual stack with IR co2 sensor.  Heat and humidiity are ok so far but CO2 keeps reading 000 and blinking, also says "high"...

Door Closers

Does anyone know of a source for the door closers on the old 393 incubators. They look like watertight door dogs.

do you leave the humidifier in during the contra con cycle?

Hi, do you leave the oxygen humidification bits (metal square and connecting tube) in during the contra con cycle?  It says take out all...

C02 numbers are unstable

Some numbers are +60 some are -20 any advice?

Door sensor

Where can I locate the door sensor? I have a door alarm that says Door is open. The door is closed.

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