There are many different factors to consider when purchasing a lab shaker, stirrer or mixer, as well as countless makes and models to choose from. The following guide can make your decision a little easier. Various makes and models are broken down into categories, so you can make the best choice possible. Learn more about the types of mixers available in LabWrench's independent guide to purchasing a lab shaker, stirrer or mixer.

Thermo Scientific Thermal Mixer

The Thermo Scientific™ Thermal Mixer offers variable speed and temperature control with a choice of blocks for microtubes and microplates. With

EPPENDORF Thermomixer R

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: Thermomixer R

VELP Scientifica Infrared Vortex Mixer - WIZARD

Exclusive and compact vortex mixer with settable speed, provided with the revolutionary IR sensor or continuous mode. No press, No stress!

VELP Scientifica Advanced Vortex Mixer - ZX3

Vortex mixer with adjustable stirring speed, with touch or continuous mode. The best-seller!

VELP Scientifica Digital Vortex Mixer with IR Sensor - TX4

Digital vortex mixer with adjustable stirring speed, in continuous or with the exclusive infrared sensor. No press, No stress!

Fisher Scientific Fisherbrand™ Mini Vortex Mixer

Accepts tubes and vessels of all sizes. The Mini Vortex Mixer is an extremely compact vortex mixer with a horizontally circular, orbital mixing motion

Labnet Orbit 300

Multipurpose Vortexer with interchangeable platforms.

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Please send me EXW price on PDM 5!

We have a demand with your product named PDM 5. Please send us price of it. Thank you!


Does it have a fuse and how do you get to it?

E8150 Is leaking already?

My E8150 is very functional due to good rpm control, but is leaking out already after a few months of normal use. No directions anywhere on how to...


How may I know what numbers correspondes to 2600rpm? How may I regulate speed?

Eppendorf 5382 Thermomixer C manual

Afternoon all, Does anyone have a link to an engineers manual for 5382 Thermomixer? I'm after the explanation for a 08.025 error code...

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