LabStrong Gravity Oven

Gentle drying and heating, with low turbulence, protects delicate samples where a fan airflow would disturb them.

Thermo Scientific Vacuum Ovens

Exceptional performance, quality and value

Series Models: 3606, 3608, 3618

Thermo Scientific Vacutherm Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens

Dry up to six times faster than when using conventional units. Thermo Scientific™ Vacutherm Vacuum Heating and Drying Ovens provide outstanding

Thermo Scientific TRACE™ 1310 Auxiliary Oven

Designed to meet the specific needs of the chemical and petrochemical industries, the Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1310 Auxiliary Oven

Thermo Scientific SOLA II Sulfur Online Analyzer

Measure total sulfur in liquid hydrocarbon fuel process streams with the Thermo Scientific™ SOLA II Sulfur Online Analyzer. This field-proven

Thermo Scientific SOLA II Flare Sulfur On-Line Analyzer

Reliably capture and report all significant sulfur emission quantities with the Thermo Scientific™ SOLA II Flare Sulfur On-Line Analyzer,

Thermo Scientific Shake 'n' Stack™ Hybridization Ovens

Conserve valuable lab space with stackable, Thermo Scientific™ Shake 'n' Stack™ Hybridization Ovens. The space-saving design and

Thermo Scientific Lindberg/Blue M™ Vacuum Ovens

Benefit from a digital control, built-in over-temperature protection and a flexible vacuum/purge/release system with Thermo Scientific™

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Questions for Lab Ovens

Prin. Technician

Moved the oven 10 feet, and now won't turn on. The voltage measures at 120 vac (60 Hz). The breakers (old & new) are rated 20 amps...

Door Latch

Was wondering if you supply door latches and clasps for this model?


Hi,I'm testing a SOLA II Total Suplhur Analyzer that measures usually only one stream. There's the possibility to use the TIMED STREAM mode to...

No power

I have a Binder ED 240-UL that has is completely dead. The mains power is good, but it won't turn on. Does anybody have a wiring diagram for this...

Forced Air Fan

We have recently purchased a 1327F used and in fantastic shape. Our initial set-up has shown that the forced air fan in the rear of the oven to...

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