Scie-Plas CM250

The Scie-Plas CM250 Mini Orbital Shaker is a compact and quiet instrument; the speed can be adjusted from 50 to 250 rpm, and it has an orbit of 20mm.


This Orbital Incubator Shaker is specifically designed as an incubator shaker for use in humidified incubators because this incubator shaker is

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics AS 200 jet

Sieving with air jet technology for dispersion and desagglomeration of fine powders

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics AS 200

Vibratory Sieve Shakers

Series Models: AS 200 basic, AS 200 digit, AS 200 control

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Vibratory Sieve Shaker AS 200 control

The analytical sieve shakers of the series AS 200 are used in research & development, quality control of raw materials.

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Hello, I have an Innova 42R that has stopped heating. the unit now cools but doesn't warm up to the desired set temperature. Can you pleae give...


Anyone replace a fuse on an orbital shaker? I have the cover off, but this is an older model. Not sure if I should unscrew the inner side screw that...

Unit powers on, but display blank and inoperable

Our 4342 model power on, and fans start, but the display is blank. In addition, none of the buttons register anything. I tried removing the back...

infors coolant

can someone tell me what the coolant is that is used in the chilling system. id like to buy a stock of it.

Stuck Bearing Mount

Hello, One of the bearing mounts became stuck on my shaker so I tried to take them out to clean and check them. However, one of them seems to be...

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