Labnet VorTemp 56

A Unique Addition to the Labnet Line of Shakers..

Labnet VorTemp 1550

Vortemp 1550 Shaking Incubator for 15ml and 50ml conical tubes

Labnet Pro 30

Reciprocal 30 Linear Shaker; features a left to right linear action to provide gentle to vigorous shaking.

Labnet Orbit 1900

Heavy Duty Shaker designed for continuous duty and heavy loads.

Labnet Orbit 1000

Labnet is launching the new Orbit line of laboratory shakers...they're 'digitally remastered'.

Labnet Orbit

Digital Microtube and Microplate Shakers

Labnet 311DS

The 311DS is a high performance incubator with a built-in orbital shaker.

Labnet 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator

The 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator from Labnet International provides small footprint with large performance.

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Unit powers on, but display blank and inoperable

Our 4342 model power on, and fans start, but the display is blank. In addition, none of the buttons register anything. I tried removing the back...

infors coolant

can someone tell me what the coolant is that is used in the chilling system. id like to buy a stock of it.

Stuck Bearing Mount

Hello, One of the bearing mounts became stuck on my shaker so I tried to take them out to clean and check them. However, one of them seems to be...

Technical manual?

We have a Bellco 744-01010 orbital shaker and would like to replace the drive belts using the preventative maintenance kit available from Bellco...

how to replace motor and gears in roto-shake genie

Specifically how to remove the plastic axle from the slot on the side of the platform. do I need to remove the little pin first?

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