EPPENDORF Innova 3100

Also found In: , Water Baths

Temperature control is exceptionally precise using the Innova Model 3100 high-temperature water bath shaker.


Also found In: , Water Baths

Model C76 is a ruggedly built controlled-temperature water bath shaker designed for continuous-duty orbital shaking

Grant Instruments OLS200

Also found In: , Water Baths

Combined orbital / linear shaking bath

Boekel Scientific Orbital and Reciprocating Water Bath

Also found In: , Water Baths

This Shaking Water Bath with Orbital and Reciprocating shaking is designed for a wide range of temperature-controlled shaking protocols.

Series Models: Orbital

Amerex Instruments GYROMAX; Water Bath Shakers

Also found In: , Water Baths

Amerex's GYROMAX™ orbital and reciprocating water bath shakers

Series Models: GYROMAX 929

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It will not allow me to select and change temperature. Upon pressing the "select" button, RPM and hrs can be changed, but temperature...

Innova 42 door latch part number

Hi all, Anyone out there got a part number for an Innova 42 door latch please?  It's just the female part that sits in the main body of...

Replacement motor for a C76 shaker

Any second sources known for a Fasco motor number 71730277 type U7381

Second Source for Motor

Thermo wants over $700.00 for a shaker drive motor.Specs: Moog, Silencer Series, brushless DC 48 V, BN23-23AS-04CH

No sign of live

The shaker cannot be switched on, has no signs of life at all. We have checked the IEC lead for continuity and the fuse inside the UK 3-pin plug...

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