Integra Biosciences Vacusip

Lost among small volumes of biological liquid waste?

Integra Biosciences VACUSAFE

The aspiration system for safe disposal of liquids

KNF Neuberger Laboport SC Systems

The SC vacuum systems are equipped with the LABOPORTseries chemically-resistant diaphragm pump of your choice (refer to the table/overview "modular


This is an upgradeable chemistry-design vacuum system. It includes our MD1C vacuum pump, with a motor speed control knob.


The PC 3010 NT VARIO® pumps and pumping units feature a very high pumping speed of 6.8 cfm and attain an outstanding ultimate vacuum of 0.6 mbar.

BMT USA Steripro GMP Vacuum Steam Sterilizer

BMT Steripro steam sterilizers are designed for production in pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities where repeatability is an important

Porvair Sciences Universal Robotic manifold

Based on our successful MicroLute™ Acrylic Manifold, the new Universal Robotic Manifold is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled by

KNF Neuberger VC 900 Vacuum Controller

The new VC 900 is a powerful, versatile vacuum control unit that easily integrates with any diaphragm vacuum pump or house vacuum source. The VC 900

Denton Vacuum DV-502

A flexible, high vacuum evaporation of sputtering system with rapid cycle times equipped for a wide range of applications       

BMT USA Vacucell EVO

Also found In: Lab Ovens ,

VACUCELLEVO ® vacuum drying oven is a direct heat chamber transferring heat via the patented SERVO Therm shelves. Temperature sensitive (such as

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Hello. I have a SC 920 and one of the plastic tubes on the side broke. do you  have a parts breakdown or cross section with part numbers...

Need Tips for Repairs

I accidentally opened the "Rough" switch and "Back" switch simultaneously. My DV-502A no longer has a functioning hi-vacuum pump...

Denton Vacuum DV-502

The 12 in. dia. x 12 in. H quartz bell jar for our Denton Vacuum is cracked. Is there anyone with one of these to sell?

planned maintenance

I am looking at setting up a planned maintenace program for this equipement, can you give me a list of tasks that i would typically do

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