Grenova TipNovus

Found In: Standard Capacity Washers

TipNovus™ is a bench top, automated, high-throughput washing device that enables labs towash and sanitize contaminated pipette tips in large

Steelco LAB 1000

Found In: Large Capacity Washers

Steelco LAB 1000 glassware washer has been developed for those laboratories that are equipped with centralized washing areas.

Miele PG 8504

Found In: Standard Capacity Washers

Perf./cycle, e.g. 64 narrow necked/lab glassware w/ injectors  Efficient use of resources - variable speed heater pump  Dispense

Miele PLW 8505

Found In: Standard Capacity Washers

Laboratory glassware washer with powerful circulation pump for laboratory applications.

Distek VIP 4400

Found In: Standard Capacity Washers

The VIP 4400 automates one of the most time consuming and least productive aspects of the dissolution test: Post-test clean-up.

Labconco ScrubAir Pipette Washer/Dryers

Found In: Standard Capacity Washers

The ScrubAir consumes less water, time and money, requiring as little as 3 1/4 hours to wash, rinse and dry up to 60 pipettes

IWT W200

Found In: Standard Capacity Washers

The W200 contact part washer by IWT is an extremely compact and user friendly machine used as a cleaning solution for a wide variety of product...

IWT W300

Found In: Large Capacity Washers

The W300 is a pharmaceutical grade washer made by IWT. Designed to satisfy customer needs, it meets the latest quality standards.

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Questions for Glassware Washers

blank display

Has anyone had a blank display on this model the back light is on and you get a beep when turned on anf off but nothing else or has anyone got a...

Failure to initialize

I have a washer that gets stuck in initialization when being powered on. Lance says it is a bad board and they might have more boards by the end of...

lancer 820up operating manual

Hi, need a manual for the lancer 820up or 810up tried lancer but they have not got one, i need to know if i need to dilute the acid rinse aid as...

I used another dish wash powder capsulel

I used a different non -miele powder and error came up on unit .can I use any dish washer powder or capsules

Power Failure G7883

Hello, Our lab dishwasher (G7883) is not showing any sign of life. It is connected to a (working) plug but the display is not showing anything...

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