A&D Weighing GF-K Series

Our revolutionary Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) technology improves response speed, accuracy and minimizes maintenance costs.

Series Models: GF-8K, GF-8K2, GF-10K, GF-12K, GF-20K, GF-30K, GF-32K

Adam Equipment WBZ Series

Wash Down Retail Scales (NTEP & Canada Approved)

Adam Equipment PMB Series

Also found In: Balances , Moisture Analyzers ,

The PMB’s fast response time and easy-to-use functionality make it the ideal moisture analyser for a range of different applications. The automatic

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mettler b5 micro balance - zero knob problem

We've got a mettler b5 microbalance. The zero knob adjuster seems to have a problem. Sometimes, when I put my hand near it, the illuminated ...


I'm working for Medtronic and we currently have a need to purchase 6 scales followed with an additional order of another 12 scales in the future. So...

Mettler Toledo vs. Sartorius?

Our lab is currently in the process of purchasing an analytical microbalance, and I am hoping to get some advice regarding this purchase. We need 1...

Manual for x6200-x scales

Manual for x6200-x scales please

Scale Error Code

I have a Mettler BB2400 Scale that suddenly gives a Error 4 upon start up. Need to know what this Error means. Reset does nothing & was unable to...

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