Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher™ Duo Prime Purification System

Reap high yields of quality nucleic acids from a variety of starting materials with the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Duo Prime

OI Analytical LV-20 Standards Addition Module

The LV-20 Standards Addition Module is an option for the 4551A autosampler that injects programmed volumes (1, 2, 5, 10, or 20 microliters) of

OI Analytical Model 4506 Automated Multipoint Process Sampler

The fully automated Model 4506 AMPS samples up to six process streams just as reliably as you can—except you don’t have to be there. Simple and easy

Siemens Axius E-Plus

Type I and Type II Water Direct from Tap


High Flow Water Purification System

Siemens CENTRA Packaged Central Water Systems

The CENTRA® central lab water system is a packaged, centralized system that can supply purified water to one or multiple labs.

Series Models: Centra MDS, Centra LDS

Elga MEDICA Pro-R and Pro-RE

MEDICA Pro-R and Pro-RE Reliable supply for labs requiring large volumes

Series Models: MEDICA PRO-30, MEDICA PRO-60, MEDICA PRO-120

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Questions for Water Purification

pump not working

I have thermo fisher scientific barnstead easypure II D7031 but the pump not working and the display show beeping "-rF". anyone know...

Software Error From SD Card

Hello! Our Advantage A10 unit stopped working a few weeks ago because of a software issue. When we plug in the unit, it does not complete loading and...

reservoir sensor level

Hi, our reservoir sensor level from our Milli-q Integral 5 is taking wrong readings, as 140% when is actually almost empty.. so, how can I reset...

fault " bypass fitted"

i can not get water unless pressing button on solenoid valve. please help me to solve the problem. thank you.

Barnstead Fistreem Glass Still III losing level

Hello all,      I'm trying to find a solution for a frequent failure in a glass still in the factory I work in and I haven'...

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