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Thermo Fisher Scientific Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus
Thermo Fisher Scientific Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus

Thermo Scientific* Barnstead GenPure xCAD, the extended Control and Dispenser unit, offers an extremely compact footprint that increases elbow-room on the lab bench.

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Aries Filterworks Gemini-MB Ultra High Purity Water System
Aries Filterworks Gemini-MB Ultra High Purity Water System

The GEMINI-MB Ultra High Purity Water System provides up to 4.0 liters per minute of 18.2 megohm, 0.2 micron filtered water. The Multi-Pass Ultraviolet system irradiates the water at three separate passes in the recirculation loop.

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ELGA LabWater PURELAB Chorus
ELGA LabWater PURELAB Chorus

When your application requires the ultimate in water purity, the PURELAB Chorus 1 provides the ideal solution, enabling you to focus on attaining accurate results while insuring uninterrupted work flow.

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Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher™ Duo Prime Purification System

Reap high yields of quality nucleic acids from a variety of starting materials with the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Duo Prime


High Usage, High Quality Water Storage and Distribution System for General and Analytical Laboratory Applications

Thermo Fisher Scientific Barnstead MegaPure Glass Stills

Barnstead™ Mega-Pure™ Glass Stills

Series Models: MP-1, MP-3A, MP-6A, MP-11A, MP-12A


Feed Several Laboratories with Type I, Type II and Type III Water


Tap to Ultra Pure Type 1 Water Using a Single Purification System

Series Models: Option-Q 7, Option-Q 15

Thermo Fisher Scientific Barnstead TII

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Series Models: D14031, D14041


Single High Flow Purification System for Large or Multiple Clinical Diagnostic Analyzers

Series Models: MEDICA Pro-30, MEDICA Pro-60, MEDICA Pro-120

LabStrong B00123

LabStrong 20 Liter Carboy (For use with Fi-Streem 2 L/hr)

Thermo Fisher Scientific Barnstead LabTower EDI

Thermo Scientific* Barnstead LabTower EDI offers the flexibility of pure and ultrapure water within one system.

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Purelab Chorus 2 replcing the packs

We've just bought a Chorus 2 water purifier, and were wondering if both the Pre-treatment pack and the Purification pack needs to be replaced at the...

Moving laboratory

Is it possible to do a DIY repositioning of a Flex in another lab. Is there anything to watch out for?

elga centra s/r200 fault

Sump alarm constant stopping the unit Probe disconnected: alarm still current New probe inserted: alarm still current Any suggestions?

How to change the auto dispense step (F01)

Normally the step size in the automatic dispensing function is 0.25 liters. Somehow I've managed to change it to 0.19. How do I set it back to 0...

Incorrect language version

Hello, I have a problem with my Elix ® 3. In the screen appears "Incorrect language version", and I can't access to the...

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