Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher™ Duo Prime Purification System

Reap high yields of quality nucleic acids from a variety of starting materials with the Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Duo Prime

Sartorius Arium® mini UV Lab Water System

Pre-treated water needed to produce ultrapure water is stored in the 5-liter unique bag integrated on the side of the system.Uncomplicated exchange

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Glass Stills (Cyclon)

Also found In: , Distillation

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Glass Stills (4 L and 8 L)

Series Models: A56210-857LS, A56218-857LS, A56220-857LS, A56228-857LS

LabStrong FI-Streem III Bi-Distiller (Cyclon BD)

Also found In: , Distillation

LabStrong Fi-Streem III Bi-Distiller

Series Models: A56230-857LS, A56238-857LS

LabStrong D00121

Also found In: , Distillation

Fi-Streem Hose Nipple Cartridge--Used with the Fi-Streem line of glass distillation systems.

LabStrong Fi-Streem 2S Glass Still 4 Liters Per Hour

Of all the water purification technologies available, distillation can remove a wider range of impurities than any other single form of water

LabStrong B00121

Also found In: , Distillation

LabStrong Storage Tank: 40 Liter Capacity

LabStrong AY0012-2

Also found In: , Distillation

LabStrong Pretreatment Cartridge Wall Mounting Kit.

LabStrong A1052LS

Also found In: , Distillation

LabStrong 8 Liter Capacity Carboy that can be used with Fi-Streem Glass Distillation Systems.

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Low Water Purity During Recirculation

I have a nanopure D11931 that is reporting low purity during re-circulation (~5.1 MegaOhms-cm), normal value is 18.2 MegaOhms. Talking with Thermo...

Service Manual

Dear friends I bought this equipment but i do not the instruction manual Somebody help me

Barnstead Nanopure diamond UF

Changed all the filters on two units and both are leaking now when dispensing and when they do the nightly back wash. Purity is very low also and...

incorrect language version

incorrect language version


IMUNELL BA 80 is recommended for Sanitization of system. There are no supplies available in INDIA.  We require details about Vendor in...

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