A multi-application networked digital microscope for teaching, consultation and collaboration.

Hirox KH-7700

Advanced 3D Digital Observation

Cosview MV200UM

Miview Professional Microscope is a creative device that it is an amazing and easy to use handheld digital microscope with USB interface. It broke

Bruker Corporation Super-Resolution Microscope

The fastest super-resolution microscope on the market.    Image deep 3D sections on live cells quickly and easily.

Hirox RX-100

High Resolution Digital Microscope Unit with Standard Application software

Hirox KH-8700

Next Generation 3D Digital Microscope

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Questions for Digital Microscopes

Fiber-optic illumination

I find that the illumination on the KH-1300 is very uneven - off-center, astigmatic and severely vignetted.  This totally compromises any...

Error saving images

For Hirox KH-7700: Device will not save locally or to typical save location (network server). Error presented mid-shift after images had been...

issues with multifocus stacking

Hello, I am a novice with Hirox KH-7700. Recently I had to shoot a few multifocus images. Some of them have a blur sections. Shoud I stack them...

halogen lamp for KH-7700

Please quote me 1 piece of halogen lamp unit for KH-7700

Software installation

I have this Motic DS 300 that I got new years ago and I had it installed on Windows Vista. Very little use at all. It worked well. I am now...

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