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Applied Scientific Instrumentation PZ-2000FT Series
Applied Scientific Instrumentation PZ-2000FT Series

The PZ-2000FT XYZ stage has been specifically designed to provide a high resolution, and highly repeatable, means of controlling the X, Y, and Z position of the microscope stage.

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Motic BA210 Digital

The BA210 Digital is designed for both educational and teaching environments delivering a new higher level of optical performance.       


A multi-application networked digital microscope for teaching, consultation and collaboration.

Motic DM-52

This microscope combines practicality with well thought-out features into a quality microscope.

Motic DM-B1

The popular B1 series is also available as a Digital Microscope.

Motic DS-2

This is a true cross-curriculum macroscope and will find frequent use in many classroom situations

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Questions for Digital Microscopes

Software installation

I have this Motic DS 300 that I got new years ago and I had it installed on Windows Vista. Very little use at all. It worked well. I am now...

try to use an usb mouse, diplay gets disconnected

Hi, Am having a Nikon Coolscope II. It was working fine earlier. But now my display gets disconnected, when am trying to use my USB mouse. could...

Fiber-optic illumination

I find that the illumination on the KH-1300 is very uneven - off-center, astigmatic and severely vignetted.  This totally compromises any...

Fluroecent Imaging

We have a skin pathogen (mite)that we want to image. The Mite is about 100um in size. Microscopy has a depth of view 600um with poor resolution. We...

Can Cosview MV200UM be connected to any laptop?

hi, Can this cosview microscope be connected to any laptop? Also how long is the cord? I need it to inspect hair. Thank you Tatiana  

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