Motic BA210 Digital

The BA210 Digital is designed for both educational and teaching environments delivering a new higher level of optical performance.       

BioTek Lionheart™ LX Automated Microscope

BioTek’s new Lionheart LX Automated Microscope is designed with affordability in mind, offering an alternative to expensive, custom-built automated

Leica DVM6 Digital Microscope

If you work in quality control/assurance, failure analysis, research and development, or in forensics, searching for the detail can take up a lot of

Leica DVM5000

The Portable Digital Microscope

Leica DVM2000

A Wide Range of Components for Entry Level Examinations

Leica DMS300

Digital Microscope System with full HDMI output

Leica DMS1000

Low-to-Mid Range Magnification Digital Microscope

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Questions for Digital Microscopes

issues with multifocus stacking

Hello, I am a novice with Hirox KH-7700. Recently I had to shoot a few multifocus images. Some of them have a blur sections. Shoud I stack them...

Fiber-optic illumination

I find that the illumination on the KH-1300 is very uneven - off-center, astigmatic and severely vignetted.  This totally compromises any...

halogen lamp for KH-7700

Please quote me 1 piece of halogen lamp unit for KH-7700

Software installation

I have this Motic DS 300 that I got new years ago and I had it installed on Windows Vista. Very little use at all. It worked well. I am now...

try to use an usb mouse, diplay gets disconnected

Hi, Am having a Nikon Coolscope II. It was working fine earlier. But now my display gets disconnected, when am trying to use my USB mouse. could...

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