Microscope Cameras and Imaging

Prior Scientific Novel In-vivo Imaging Solution for Neuroscientists

Also found In: Electron Microscopes ,

accessory device for microscopy and electrophysiology, which enables high precision tests in the brain of awake, head-fixed, but otherwise freely movi

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2

Medical science and engineering have made dramatic progress thanks to visualization technology. Examples include the invention of microscopes capable

Leica Microsystems ICC50 HD

Share, Capture and Archive Images with the new HD Camera System Leica ICC50 HD

Leica Microsystems DMC2900

The Leica DMC2900 is a digital USB 3.0 microscope camera with a 3.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor.

Leica Microsystems DFC3000 G

The Leica DFC3000 G is a grayscale USB 3.0 microscope camera for routine fluorescence applications.

Leica Microsystems DFC9000

Imagine you could image live cells as close as possible to their native state. Capture even faint fluorescent signal you currently miss. And discover

Bruker Optics MultiMode 8-HR

Highest Resolution Imaging — Any Time, Every Time  Enabling researchers to routinely create high-resolution images with PeakForce Tapping®

Bruker Optics Dimension FastScan

Achieve High-Resolution— Any Time, Every Time  FastScan and PeakForce Tapping® couple an instantaneous force measurement with a linear control

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Connection through hdmi/usb

I have one camera Moticam 580 5.0mp. Fault HDMI" Ejansl. SIgnalkabel. It has in long time gone off/on. Now it does not work. I have...

Internal back up battery

When I change batteries on my GF320, I loose the time and date settings.  Can I change the internal back up battery myself or do I have to send...

Spectral range enhancement

I am using DXRxi with 532 nm laser which allows me to measure Raman spectra in 50 -- 3400 cm^-1 range. How can I increase this range to measure 3600...


Hi I need advice on a microscope camera for the Nikon eclipse 800 I know they can get expensive, however I require one that must be inexpensive as...

lab tech

Need to replace the USB Cord for Axio CameraERc 5s Any sugestions? like part number and web site? Thank you Viorel Ghirdan

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