Nikon SMZ1270

All-new stereomicroscope delivering incredible image sharpness throughout a wide magnification range.

Nikon SMZ800N

Expanding the magnification range to 8x (1x -8x), Nikon's newest stereomicroscope boasts its ease of use and high-definition observation demanded in

Motic DM-143-FBGG

Greenough zoom optical system      Binocular head, 45º inclined with Built-in digital camera CMOS 1/2” chip      3MP - 2048x1536 pixels

Motic DMW-143-N2GG

Greenough zoom optical system      Binocular head, 45º inclined with Built-in analogue/digital camera CCD 1/3” chip      Digital

Motic SMZ171 Series

ESD and non ESD version    New Lead free optical design    Greenough optic system    Compact and rugged    Light

Motic SMZ161 Series

Employing the Greenough stereoscopic optical system, the Motic SMZ-161 series stereomicroscopes provide you large-scale zoom ratio and the clearest

Thomas Scientific Digital Stereo Microscopes

Also found In: , Upright Microscopes

Thomas Digital Stereo Microscopes feature a built-in, high-resolution 8.5 mm ( 1/3”) CCD camera, which can produce images on TVs and monitors with

Olympus SZ51

SZ51 – versatile stereo microscope

Ample Scientific SM-Plus

SM-Plus Dual Magnification Binocular Stereo Microscope, WF10X/20 Eyepiece, 1X3X or 2X4X configuration. Top and Bottom LED Illumination

Motic SFC-11

Lightweight turret stereomicroscope. Three magnification options, unlimited usages.

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Questions for Stereo Microscopes

Need a Barlow lens

I am looking for a Barlow lens for my Nikon SMZ-2B stereo microscope. Does anyone have any idea where I can find one?

Is a Leica DMIRB suitable for teaching petrographic polarising microscopy?

We have acquired a secondhand Leica DMIRB Type 090-132.102 inverted microscope. Has any one used one of these for petrographic polarized light...

Labophot 2

I have just gotten a "T" model Trinocular head.  What cameras/adapters/equipment work and what do I need to get it to work?  All...

adding a camera port to smz1000

What are the camera possibilities for a SMZ 1000, port attachments necassary for a Nikon D-3100?  

Circuit Board

I recently acquired a Labophot 2 but the circuit board for the lamp has died. Nikon tells me I need the old style 'large' circuit board. My...

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