CRAIC Technologies Quartz Well slides

CRAIC Technologies quartz wellslides are spectral grade and manufactured to the highest levels of quality.

CRAIC Technologies Quartz Slides & Quartz Coverslips

CRAIC Technologies quartz slides, quartz wellslides and quartz coverslips are spectral grade and manufactured to the highest levels of quality.

CRAIC Technologies Certified Optical Filters

Filters for both illumination and imaging paths in CRAIC microscopes and microspectrometers.

CRAIC Technologies UV-Vis-NIR Laser Adapter

Laser illumination easily added to your microspectrometer or microscope.

CRAIC Technologies Universal C-Mount Adapter

C-mount for your microscope with 3 axes of movement: now your camera can be parfocal and parcentral with the eyepiece image.

CRAIC Technologies Lightswitch Optical Multiplexer

Optical multiplexer to add imaging and spectroscopy to microscopes and microspectrometers.

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Questions for Microscope Accessories

Inverting direction in x axis

When the joystic is moved in right direction the pipette moves in left direction and vice versa. I wish to invert the direction. Can you help?


Can you send me a quote for the Polychrome v. Thanks

want to buy till photonics polychrome V monochromator in india

Hi, I am actively trying to find a vendor in india who can supply me a till photonice polychrome V monochromator. I would like to enquire whether...

need new Xenon-lamp

Where do I get a new Xenon-lamp for the polychrome IV/V?

manual/software for polychrome IV?

Is there a functioning and/or defunct Polychrome IV out there. In great need of a manual or the RS232 controller program for the TILL polychrome IV...

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