Analytik Jena RoboGene HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0

The CE-IVD certified RoboGene® HDV RNA Quantification Kit 2.0 is intended for quantification of Hepatitis D Virus RNA in human plasma or serum


Low cost NGS Library Clean Up & Size Selection MagSi-NGSPREP clean-up and size selection kit

MP Biomedicals MPure-12™

Obtain the Highest Yield and Purity with the Superior MPure-12™ Automated System that is Convenient, Flexible and Affordable!

MilliporeSigma Magna Nuclear

Magna RIP RNA-Binding Protein Immunoprecipitation Kit containing all necessary reagents to perform 12 individual RNA-binding reactions.

AMSbio Mag Si-Direct

A revolutionary technology that brings the power, simplicity, and convenience of magnetic separation to researchers involved in cell biology.

Promega Maxwell 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit

The Maxwell® 16 LEV RNA FFPE Purification Kit is designed to extract RNA rapidly from FFPE samples using the Maxwell® 16 Instrument

Thermo Scientific KingFisher* Duo

The Thermo Scientific* KingFisher Duo is a low- to medium-throughput system consisting of the KingFisher Duo magnetic particle processor instrument,

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I need a manual please

Hi, I have been searching and calling all over and I can't get a manual for the Thelmal cycler Perkin elmer 480. I know is old, but we...

need an operators manual

I need an operators manual for my cetus. If anyone has a copy please if you can send me a link.

Perkin Elmer 480 thermal cycler manual

Hi, we are a company working in the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst (UK) which has this piece of equipment borrowed from GlaxoSmithKline. We do...

User's manual needed

Googling did not help. Applied Biosystems GeneAmp 480 PCR Cycler user's manual needed aka PERKIN-ELMER Thermal Cycler 480...

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