Autogen FlexSTAR+

The FlexSTAR+ is AutoGen’s newest solution for fully automated genomic DNA extraction and isolation from large volumes of whole blood. It is the next

Pacific Biosciences Sequel System

The new Sequel System is based on our proven Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) technology and delivers about 7X more reads with 1 million zero-mode

Thermo Scientific Ion S5

The Ion S5™ and Ion S5™ XL systems provide the simplest DNA-to-data workflow for targeted    sequencing with industry-leading speed

GE Healthcare Edit-R CRISPR-Cas9

The Dharmacon Edit-R™ CRISPR-Cas9 platform greatly simplifies the workflow of permanently knocking out genes by eliminating the time-consuming

Applied Biosystems 3700

Also found In: Capillary Electrophoresis ,

The ABI 3700 is an automated capillary gel electrophoresis system capable of running all four sequencing reactions in a single capillary. Because it

Series Models: 3700

Applied Biosystems 3130 Genetic Analyzer

The latest generation of 4-capillary electrophoresis instruments for the low to medium throughput laboratories.

LI-COR 4300

Also found In: , Imaging Systems

4300 DNA Analyzer

Series Models: 4300S, 4300L

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Questions for DNA Sequence Analyzers

Autosampler problem

The autosampler got stuck while performing a seq run on ABI 3130xl. The machine does not work after this. Any recommendations or trouble shooting?

ABI 310 Autosampler tray

ABI 310 Autosampler tray shuts down(drops) all of a sudden while on run. How do i fix this Please, have done a cold and sort reset but non of it...

service manual

Anyone have the service manual for ABI 3500?

Oven failed to synch

Wondering if anyone has had this happen?

autosampler motor/spec sheets

The motor for the autosampler has died, and the 3130 is not under maintenance contract. Where can I find a new motor and engineering...

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