Wyatt Technology DynaPro Plate Reader II

The DynaPro® Plate Reader II performs high-throughput, automated dynamic light scattering (DLS) measurements on macromolecular and nanoparticle


Never worry about what dichroic or filter is installed in your PHERAstar FSX.

BioTek Synergy Neo2 Multi-Mode Reader

Synergy™ Neo2 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader is designed for speed and ultra high performance, incorporating BioTek’s patented Hybrid

Promega GloMax® Explorer

The GloMax® Explorer System is the newest member of the GloMax® System detection instruments. Simply unpack it, plug it in, and begin your experiments

Thermo Scientific Varioskan LUX

Introducing a multimode microplate reader that simplifies your workflow and provides reliable results across a wide range of applications.

Tecan Spark 10M

Ignite the productivity in your laboratory

Molecular Devices EMax Plus Microplate Reader

Start Simply. Robust, high value microplate reader designed to deliver research-grade results to any laboratory.

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Troubleshooting guide

Good morning,   I'm currently writing a standard operation procedure at my company for the EnVision. I was looking, in the manuals...

Device Error 5: transport lost

I've been performing  series of 595nm kinetic on 12 well plates during the last two weeks (5 min orbital shake  / 595nm OD / 10min...


pls quote to me 1 device with full specification

Filter replacement

Dear Sir/ Madam We have Labsystems mutiscan EX instrument but filters need to be changed. Could you please advise us who to contact in Saudi...

FluoDia T70

Is FluoDia T70 still being sold and the parts and services easily available?

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