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Extending the Limits of Microplate Reading With Remarkable Flexibility

Corning Life Sciences Epic System

The Corning® Epic® System combines proven label-free optical technology with the benefits of high-throughput screening in a 384 well microplate for

Dynex Technologies DS2

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Automation, accuracy, immediacy and responsiveness are the must-haves of demanding near-patient-care settings and lower-throughput labs.

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2400 error

1996 powerwave 340 2400 error

Fatal Error #401

Machine is giving this error. Is there anything I can check inside to see if this error can be resolved without paying for repair? It's...


Hi, I have a Beckman-Coulter DTX880 reader in my lab that was purchased used, but it did not come with any filters. Am I able to purchase filters...

Want to buy VICTOR X5

Hello, I would like to know where I can buy the VICTOR X5 reader


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