Esco Technologies Swift™ MiniPro

Swift MiniPro Thermal Cycler is the Esco's 2nd Generation Desirable Personal Thermal Cyclers, which has outstanding ramp rates of up to 5 °C; they

Esco Technologies Swift™ MaxPro

Swift MaxPro is the Esco's Most Popular 2nd Generation Thermal Cyclers, which Combines Outstanding Flexibility and Ease of Use with Excellent

Esco Technologies Swift™ Mini Thermal Cyclers

Swift™ Mini Thermal Cyclers

Series Models: SWT-MC-0.5-X, SWT-MC-0.2-3/4, SWT-MC-0.2-1/2

Esco Technologies Swift™ Maxi Thermal Cyclers

Swift™ Maxi Thermal Cyclers

Series Models: SWT- MX-BLC-1, SWT- MX-BLC-2, SWT- MX-BLC-3, SWT- MX-BLC-4, SWT- MX-BLC-5, SWT- MX-BLC-6, SWT- MX-BLC-7, SWT- MX-BLC-8

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Questions for PCR / Thermal Cyclers

Service Manual

Hi Guys can anyone let me have a copy of the service manual for the CFX 96 & S1000 Thank you

closing lid

when the push close bottom for closing motorized lid,system close and immediately open

power supply 0x0D1C ERROR

While switching on instrument giving 0x0D1C error.I have checked power supply's voltage and getting 12V, 15V and 28V. These voltages are...

Request orders

Dear Madam/Mr Hello good morning, my name is dewi kartiwi from Indonesia, i need for your product for Laborotorium i will send you...

bio-rad cfx384

When the cfx384 is finished booting up, the message "storage card not found" shows up on the screen and the computer does not recognize the...

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