Avacta Group plc Anti di-Ubiquitin K6

Substrate proteins are linked to ubiquitin via lysine residues on the ubiquitin protein itself (Lys6, Lys11, Lys27, Lys29, Lys33, Lys48 and Lys63).

Avacta Group plc Anti-diUbiquitin K33

Affimer® (48-1) to diUbiquitin K33-linkage is an engineered alternative to diUbiquitin antibodies and equivalent aptamers.

HP HP G1000A

Automated Edman chemistry is performed on a Hewlett Packard G1000A Automated Protein Sequencer. The G1000A is a complete, automated chemistry and


Magnetic Bead Extraction Platform; Discover more protein interactions, more easily than ever

Shimadzu PPSQ-51A/53A

Greater Simplicity and Reliability in the Determination of Amino Acid Sequences Software Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

Series Models: PPSQ-51A, PPSQ-53A

Shimadzu PPSQ-31A/33A

Improved user friendliness by combining newly developed software with reliable technology of proven PPSQ series.

Promega Maxwell 16 Research Instrument System

Automated Nucleic Acid and Protein Extraction System for the Research Lab

Caliper Life Sciences LabChip® GX II

The LabChip GXII is a complete solution for consistent and precise analysis of protein samples, and is an ideal instrument for protein research users.

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