Thermo Scientific Spinnaker Microplate Robot

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Automate your scientific workflow easily with the Thermo Scientific™ Spinnaker™ robot. This 4-axis SCARA-type robot is well suited for a

BioTek EL406

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Combination Washer Dispenser: Combines Thorough Washing and Precise Dispensing in One Space-Saving Instrument Configuration

BioTek BioStack

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Hudson Robotics PlateCrane EX

a new-generation cylindrical robot arm that is optimized for handling labware in the “SBS footprint”.

PerkinElmer DELFIA Plate Dispenser

Used either alone or with the DELFIA Dispense Unit, the Plate Dispense greatly reduces assay “hands-on” time.

BioTek Angled Tip Injector Head

Injector head with 21° angled tips for dispensing toward the sides of the microplate well to prevent cell layer disruption. Includes installation

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Questions for Microplate Dispensers

manual please

anyone have the manual?

Velocity11/Agilent PlateLoc ActiveX old OCX driver

Agilent is now supplying the new ActiveX drivers (Plateloc.dll, versions 13), but I have a legacy system that is looking for the older Plateloc.ocx...

micro plate reader detect error lamp margin

DYNEX DS2 reader detect error lamp margin.  Is this the reader board problem or it need DEESOFT software to recalibrate lamp...

model number?

I am looking for information on the Agilent Technologies Microplate Thermal Sealer Model No. 01867-251. Is this the same model that is listed on...

adjust the drop volume

i faced a problem in adjusting the drop volume to 50 micro liter.. when i set it i found the actual drop 40 micro liter

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