Thermo Fisher Scientific CW3 Cell Washer

Precise, automated performance with the Thermo Scientific™ CW3 Cell Washer is designed to provide thorough, reproducible blood cell washing, up

Series Models: 75007402, 75007404, 75007405, 75007400, 75007401, 75007403

BioTek ELx50

BioTek's years of experience in the development of both microplate washers and automated systems for EIA applications has culminated in the ELx50™

BioTek ELx405

Precise, fast and easy to use -- the ELx405 includes a variety of models, each with its own innovative features.

BioTek EL406

Also found In: Microplate Dispensers ,

Combination Washer Dispenser: Combines Thorough Washing and Precise Dispensing in One Space-Saving Instrument Configuration

BioTek EL404 Auto MicroPlate Washer

Accommodates all 96-well microplates; semi-automatic or automatic height positioning. Wash/aspirate 96 wells simultaneously in 8 sec.

BioTek 50™ TS Washer

The 50 TS Washer is a compact microplate washing system with functionality that is unsurpassed in its class. The color touchscreen provides a visual

BioTek 405 Touch

The new 405™ Touch Microplate Washer incorporates a state-of-the-art, high resolution LED backlit touch screen user interface for intuitive and

BioTek 405 LS

The new 405™ LS Microplate Washer is based on the industry standard in microplate washing with superior performance and reliability. This fifth

BioTek Precision XS

Also found In: Microplate Dispensers ,

Precision XS Microplate Sample Processor.

Series Models: PRC384/1M with bulk-reagent dispenser, PRC384/1 without bulk-reagent dispenser

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contamination trouble

hi > the problom I have contamination effacting my result , in BIOTEK ELx 50 microwell wosher. how do I solve this problom?

Need user manual

I am needing a user manual for this equipment...


Can i order used or new main board for tecan microplate washer?

Bottles for plate washer

Hi, We have a plate washer (Dynex Ultrawash PLUS) and we need to replace the bottles and tubing. Do you have replacement bottles and...

Tecan96 PW motherboard

The motherboard of our TECAN 96PW is out. Is it still possible to order a new one?

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