Bruker Corporation Albira™ Si PET/SPECT/CT System

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In vivo imaging technologies are at the core of advanced preclinical research. Understanding dynamic biological processes, gene expression, enzyme

R&D Systems ProteinSimple FluorChem E system

Do more with less  Never miss a faint band again! Every aspect of the FluorChem™ E system is optimized for superior analysis of

R&D Systems ProteinSimple FluorChem Q system

Quantitative Western blot imaging  The multiplex fluorescent detection and chemiluminescent imaging capabilities of the FluorChem™ Q

R&D Systems ProteinSimple AlphaImager HP system

High-performance, fully automated imaging has made the AlphaImager® HP our most popular platform. The system's application versatility not only

R&D Systems ProteinSimple FluorChem R system

Do more with less  Satisfy everyone in your lab with an imager that does it all—and takes the complication out of getting reliable, fully

R&D Systems ProteinSimple AlphaImager Mini system

Economical gel documentation  The AlphaImager® Mini is perfect for routine fluorescent and colorimetric research applications. This compact,

R&D Systems ProteinSimple FluorChem HD2 system

Sensitive chemiluminescent imaging  Our FluorChem™ HD2 system gives you best-in-class resolution, sensitivity and dynamic range, plus

R&D Systems ProteinSimple FluorChem FC3 system

The FluorChem™ FC3 system gives you the full gamut of image acquisition modes for all the common fluorescent and chemiluminescent applications

R&D Systems Luminex FLEXMAP 3D

The FLEXMAP 3D is Luminex's most advanced and versatile multiplexing platform. Fast read time, compatibility with 96- and 384-well plates, and ease

R&D Systems Luminex MAGPIX Instrument with xPONENT 4.2

MAGPIX® is the simplest, most affordable, and most portable of Luminex's xMAP instruments. Its self-cleaning routines and magnetic bead compatibility

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can I use attophos in a imager 600 RBG witch filter do I neet

export images from cytell

We want to do a small cell-based phenotypic screen(~100 molecules) using cytell. besides exporting image individually, is there a way to export all...

Room specifications for installation of Albira Si

Hi! I would like to know what are the room requirements for Albira Si installation: minimum dimensions, wall shielding, shielded control room...

How to maximize immobilization of lipid vesicles on sensor chip in Biacore (Surface Plasmon Resonance) ?

I am trying to study membrane protein interaction with its ligand in native cell membrane environment. For this, I am using lipoparticles generated...

When turned on the UV light, I have black screen

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