Thermo Scientific Shandon Citadel 1000

Thermo Scientific* Citadel Tissue Processor is a low cost, reliable, time-tested carousel-type tissue processor with convenient touch key operation

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Questions for Tissue Processors


What is the recommended ventialtion (using xylene and ethanol) for the processor? Is there LEV that can be bought for the processor? It's...

service manual

gostaria de manual de serviço para shandon citadel 2000

Need a tech on Long Island 4-26-2017

I have a Leica ASP300s installed at a client on Long island. The unit appears to have a clog. I am looking for a technician run a service call. 

Asp 300 Leica

Have a service manual?Thank you

Citadel 2000 Wax Bath

Does anyone repair the Wax Bath for a Citadel 2000? Wax spilled on the PCB (569820142) and it no longer works. A new wax Bath is quite...

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