PerkinElmer AAS 800

Atomic Absorption Spectrometer. Single element analyser requiring changeing to individual lamps for elemental analysis.

GBC Scientific SensAA

New AAS Design Incorporates Touch Screen Technology

GBC Scientific SavantAA AAS

A true double-beam spectrometer. The SavantAA can be configured to exactly meet your analytical and budgetary requirements. The basic instrument

Agilent Technologies 50/55 Series AA

Entry-level atomic absorption systems with advanced capabilities

PerkinElmer 2380

The Perkin Elmer 2380 is a double-beam, microcomputer-controlled atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The 2380 uses a high-dispersion monochromator

PerkinElmer 5000

Perkin Elmer 5000 AA Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer. The Perkin Elmer Model 5000 is a microprocessor-controlled atomic absorption

Varian SpectrAA 400

The spectrAA-40G is intended for furnace operation only, using the Techtron Model GTA-96 Graphite Tube Atomizer, and has no provision for gas control

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Database (DAO) ERROR 3050

how to correct the error to continuethy analysis

Database (DAO) ERROR 3050

Please Kindly help us solve this problem of error message . when click on the "Setup optic " button the error message appears "...

Maximum absorbance Iron

during our last sequence, the maximum absorbance obtained when adjusting the flamme for the iron is 10x less concentrated than usual. In order to...

Looking for Gas Box replacement

Hi!   I'm looking for the Gas Box to run again this equipement. Someone has this piece for sell? Thanks

hydride generator assembly

Hi, I have a problem. I have not been able to mount the hydride generator in my spectrometry equipment (PG instrument AA500F) because the manual does...

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