Clinical Laboratory

Leica Microsystems EM UC7

Found In: Microtomes

Ultramicrotome for Perfect Sectioning at Room Temperature and Cryo

Leica Microsystems SP2600 Ultramiller

Found In: Microtomes

Ultramilling Attachment for the Leica SM2500 Large Scale, Heavy duty Sectioning System

Leica Microsystems SM2010 R

Found In: Microtomes

With smooth movement of the sledge, precision specimen orientation, and emphasis on safety and ergonomics, the Leica SM2010 R produces high quality

Leica Microsystems CM1900

Found In: Microtomes

The rapid sectioning cryostat CM1900 is provided with a fully encapsulated microtome with an independent specimen cooling system.

Beckman Coulter CellaVision Digital Morphology Solutions

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

CellaVision* digital morphology solutions help increase the efficiency of hematology workflow systems for mid- to large-volume laboratories in

Beckman Coulter COULTER LH 750

Found In: Hematology Analyzers

The LH 750 hematology analyzer is equipped with advanced technologies, nucleated red blood cell (NRBC) enumeration and random access capabilities.

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Pressure/Vacuum error

The pressure unit unable to adjust to the required value (0.039-0.069). The knob after turning did not respond on the screen. (The highest value got...

Operator's manual

hello all, my lab buy mindray bc-5300, we had reseived a manual but it was in chinese, anyone please know where may i download user manual...

Pumps Continuously Run on Power up

On power up all three pumps continuously run

Not reading samples in WB mode

I've performed system mntc, valve cleaning,decons, and NOTHING works. Once sample is introduced to unit, it will read ONLY WBC/Hgb/HCT, and has a...

A Complete Blood Count

Hi Does the i-Stat performs a CBC (Complete Blood Count)? Meaning a full RBC and WBC count with 5 differntial?  Thanks Amir amir...

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