EPPENDORF BioSpectrometer

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The new Eppendorf BioSpectrometer is a small, very compact spectrophotometer for measurements in the UV and VIS range. Sepctra can be recorded and

Series Models: BioSpectrometer basic, BioSpectrometer kinetic, BioSpectrometer fluorescence

CRAIC Technologies Microspectrophotometer Standard Reference Materials

CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometer standard reference materials are designed to ensure the performance of your instrument.

IMPLEN NanoPhotometer® P-Class

The NanoPhotometer® P-Class is an All-in-One spectrophotometer with proven micro volume (0.3Μl) and cuvette performance. Optimized for

Ocean Optics USB-TC

Increase Stability of Your Optical Bench

Ocean Optics STS

Full Spectral Analysis in a Tiny Footprint

Ocean Optics STS UV

The STS-UV is small, but its performance is comparable to spectrometers more than twice its size.

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Ocean Optics USB2000+

Anyone know how to wavelength calibrate this thing?

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