Pharmatest USA PTWS 820D 8 Vessel Dissolution Apparatus

Found In: Dissolution Testing

The Pharma Test PTWS 820D is a compact, 8 vessel USP Apparatus 1 and 2 dissolution testing apparatus that complies with the latest USP and FDA

Pharmatest USA PTLT Leak Test Apparatus

Found In: Bulk Density Tester

The Pharma Test PT-LT is used to test for the integrity of packed strips, aluminum blister packs, pouches, sachets, bottles and other packaged

Pharmatest USA PTG-S4 Powder Flowability and Characterization Tester

Found In: Powder Testing

The Pharma Test PTG-S4 powder testing system is used to measure and characterize the flow behaviour of granules, powders and blends in compliance

Pharmatest USA PTG-NIR Powder Analysis System

Found In: Powder Testing

Powder Flow combined with NIR Analysis System      The PTG-NIR automatic powder and granule analysis system combines the Pharma Test PTG-S4

Pharmatest USA PTB-CAL15 Certified Weight Set for Calibrations

Found In: Bulk Density Tester

The PTB Cal15 is a certified wieght set that comprises of a 5, 10 and 15 kg weight that is used to calibrate all Pharma Test and other manufacturer's

Pharmatest USA PT-TD300 Tapped Density Tester

Found In: Bulk Density Tester

Tapped Density Testing    The PT-TD300 instrument measures the tapped density or apparent volume of powders, granules and blends

Pharmatest USA PT-MT3 Magnetic Tablet for Hardness Tester Qualification

Found In: Pharma - Hardness Testers

The PT-MT3 magnetic test tablet is used to qualify and calibrate hardness detection and force/speed increase rate for all Pharma Test tablet hardness

Pharmatest USA Powder Flow Analyzer with NIR

Found In: Powder Testing

PTG-NIR - Powder Analysis System        The PTG-NIR automatic powder and granule analysis system combines the Pharma Test PTG-S5 powder

Pharmatest USA Manual Powder Flow Tester

Found In: Powder Testing

The EFT-01 is composed of a cylinder with the interchangeable discs with holes of various diameters at the bottom. The determination of fluidity is

Pharmatest USA Dissolution Sampling Robot

Found In: Dissolution Testing

Dissolution Sampling Robot - DSR-M    The PharmaTest DSR-M dissolution sampling robot is designed specifically for the sample collection and

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