Bosch Packaging Technology HD/HDG/HDGC 100 to 800

Hüttlin fluid bed systems have a modular design. The base devices are designed as heavy-duty 10 bar or 12 bar excess pressure lines.

Series Models: 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800

Dynamic Engitech Pvt. Ltd Fluid Bed Dryer

"FLUID BED DRYER" is providing compactness and conceptional principle of Air Fluidization for drying granules, crystalline, coarse or

IMA Pharma Ghibli

Ghibli is a modular fluid bed to perform drying, granulation, agglomeration, instantizing, coating, layering and spheronisation.

Series Models: GHIBLI 001, GHIBLI 003, GHIBLI 007, GHIBLI 25, GHIBLI 50, GHIBLI 100, GHIBLI 150, GHIBLI 200, GHIBLI 300, GHIBLI 400, GHIBLI 700, GHIBLI 1000

IMA Pharma Aria

Aria is a fluid bed equipment ensuring enduring reliability, efficient processing and problem-free maintenance.

Series Models: ARIA 60, ARIA 120, ARIA 300, ARIA 600, ARIA 900, ARIA 1200, ARIA 1500


A standard GEA Niro PHARMASD™ plant include a certified venturi and calibrated differential pressure measurement to monitor the process gas


The GEA Niro VIBRO-FLUIDIZER™ has proven to be the most efficient and vibrating fluid bed dryer on the market.


Solution for dust-free, free flowing, high density, compact granulates by solidification of solids from non-heatsensitive liquid feeds.

Freund-Vector VFC Flo-Coater System

Also found In: Coaters / Coating ,

Simple-to-use, economical, and designed for maximum processing effectiveness, the VFC Flo-Coater® family is the ideal solution for your needs.

Glatt GF series

Whether spray granulating, agglomerating, coating, pelletizing, drying and cooling – a system for all processes

Fitzpatrick FitzAire

Efficient, compact FitzAire Fluid Bed dryer, reliable drying of powders or granular material.

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Use of disolvent

In our process we use a high quantity of ethyl alcohol. With the use of a ghibli , will we expect reduce that quantity? Our process use a ribbon...

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