Extremely High Vacuum Gauge

Myers-Vacuum Celvaseal®

Celvaseal® leak sealant is compounded especially for sealing leaks in the high and ultra-high vacuum systems.

Myers-Vacuum Explosion Proof Enclosure

This lightweight explosion proof housing can be easily used with our standard thermocouple or thermistor sensors.

Myers-Vacuum GP-003

Pirani sensor measures from Atmosphere to 10-4 Torr . Uses a filament that is part of a wheatstone bridge.

Myers-Vacuum GPH-001A

This rugged high vacuum gauge tube is ideal for heavy industrial applications such as vacuum furnaces and evaporators.

Myers-Vacuum GTC-036

The CVC/GTC-036 Tube contains a heater element and a thermocouple to read out the heater temperature, and hence infer the pressure.

Myers-Vacuum GT-034

The sensor is encased in a nickel plated, mild steel casing that is baffled so that any vapor from the system does not optically see the element.

Myers-Vacuum AVC-485

The AVC-485 Automatic Valve Controller is designed to permit either manual or fully automatic operation of diffusion, turbo, or cryopumped high...

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Teledyne Hastings-Raydist Vacuum Question

I'm looking for a vacuum reference tube for the Teledyne Hastings-Raydist DV-3M based vacuum system.  The DV-3M sensor is obsolete but...

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