BrandTech Scientific Imhoff Sedimentation Cones

Glass-clear Imhoff 1,000mL sedimentation cones made from SAN. Screw cap on bottom allows for easy drainage.

BrandTech Scientific Technical Grade PFA Wash Bottles

Narrow neck wash bottles made of Technical Grade PFA. Technical Grade PFA contains pre-consumer content recycled PFA.

BrandTech Scientific Technical Grade PFA Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottles

Narrow mouth reagent bottle made of pre-consumer content recycled Perfluoralkoxy Copolymer (PFA) and offers the full chemical resistance of PFA.

BrandTech Scientific PFA Round Bottom Flasks

These corrosion- and leach-resistant flasks are excellent for rotary evaporation and distillation of high-purity chemicals.

BrandTech Scientific PFA Sample Tubes

Corrosion- and leach-resistant sample tubes for critical sample preparation, centrifugation, and autosampler applications.

BrandTech Scientific PFA Low Form Griffin Beakers

Autoclavable, easy-to-clean and temperature-resistant, these low-form griffin beakers are excellent for use in a wide range of trace analysis.

BrandTech Scientific PFA Wide Mouth Reagent Bottles

These leach-resistant bottles are excellent for long term storage of solvents and trace analysis standards.

Series Models: PFA Narrow Mouth Bottles

BrandTech Scientific Volumetric Flasks

Polymethylpentene (PMP) and polypropylene (PP) volumetric flasks are an excellent break-resistant alternative to glass.

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