OI Analytical VAPODEST Distillation Systems

Found In: GC Detectors

C. Gerhardt’s 130 years of experience in Kjeldahl analysis is evident in their line of VAPODEST® Kjeldahl Steam Distillation systems. The VAPODEST

OI Analytical TURBOTHERM Rapid Digestion System

Found In: GC Detectors

The TURBOTHERM Block Heating System provides rapid, precise, even heating and quick cooling for a variety of sample matrices. The system is easily

OI Analytical Series 4000 MINICAMS Continuous Air Monitor

Found In: GC Systems

The MINICAMS® Series 4000 is an automatic, near-real-time continuous air monitoring system using gas chromatography and sample collection with a

OI Analytical S-PRO 3200

Found In: GC Systems

OI Analytical’s S-PRO 3200 is a complete turn-key system for sulfur analysis in gas-phase samples. Designed to work with our new, patented 5383

OI Analytical S-PRO 3200 GC System for Sulfur Analysis

Found In: GC Detectors

The S-PRO 3200 is a custom-configured gas chromatograph for selective, high-sensitivity measurement of sulfur compounds in gas-phase samples and

OI Analytical TURBOSOG Fume Suction System

Found In: GC Detectors

Cost-effective and compact, use Gerhardt's TURBOSOG with any KJELDATHERM or TURBOTHERM Infrared Digestion Systems to remove and neutralize acid fumes.

OI Analytical Series 4000 MINICAMS

Found In: GC Detectors

MINICAMS is an automatic, transportable air monitoring system. It is designed for near real-time monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and

OI Analytical Model 4430 PID

Found In: GC Detectors

The Model 4430 Photoionization Detector (PID) is a GC detector that selectively responds to aromatic and olefinic hydrocarbons in the presence of

OI Analytical Pesticides Analysis System

Found In: GC Systems

OI Analytical is uniquely qualified to offer complete solutions for determining pesticides in food and environnmental samples—from post extraction

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Hydrogen sulfide peak not showing on SCD GC

I use the DB-Sulfur column in 7890GC in conjuction with a Sulfur Chemiluminescence Detector (SCD) to analyze for sulfur species (H2S, COS, MeSH, EtSH...

Front Inlet Septum Purge Shutdown

After initiating the method, the GC septum purge flow refuse to attain its set point of 3ml/min. Septum Purge flow remain stagnant on 0.1ml/min...

Samles position in the tray disappeared from method and run control window on ChemStation (Agilent 6890)

Hi everyone, I have updated the ChemStation version on a Agilent 6890 GC, couple of months ago, and on the method and run controll window I had...

Touch Screen

The touch screen on the GC has completely inverted, but still able to function. Any ideas?Thanks!

ASTM Noise Drift

Hello guys I need to know how i calculate the ASTM Noise and drift in my GC 2010 plus. My software GC solution does not have baseline check icon...

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